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there is probably no country in the world that is as racially diverse as the USA. so am going to focus this post on that country.

now we all know the melting pot that america is and how its setting an example to the world that race doesnt matter. i agree. but in all this hysteria and hype.. we are forgetting to think about the downside to these melting pot societies.

first of all,  i am not racist. am a realist. what the mainstream media has done is that it has pushed us into this corner and we’re expected to be politically correct. we are limited by political correctness. you  cant say what you should say to get people’s attention.

with more and more illegal immigrants crossing over to USA from mexico, there should now be made some space to accomadate the millions of mexican immigrants. in the before days, most of the blue collar jobs were filled by african americans and whites. most of the mexican immigrants are poor and un-educated, so they too end up working blue collar jobs. this may lead to resentment and anger because for the limited jobs available, you now need to compete with mexicans.

seondly, most of the illegal immigrants are poor, the govt has to spend for their food, shelter and medical treatment. since the number of illegal immigrants is rising, more money needs to spent. this puts pressure on an economy that is already being overburdened.

another problem would be political representation. every ethnic group would want somebody to represent them in politics. the african americans have obama. now every other ethnic group would want somebody of their race to represent them. take for eg,  indians would love bobby jindal to run for presidency. if there was a contest between hillary clinton and jindal, i would not be surprised if 90% of indian-americans voted for jindal. i am not saying that this is wrong. its only natural. every minority community would want someone to represent them. it gives them, what i would say, is a false sense of power and acceptance.

during election time, this would lead to attention being diverted away from real issues. no political party would want to lose out on the minority vote bank. so they will field minority candidates to get minority votes.

a similar thing would probably happen anywhere else, ie the entertainment industry, the corporate world, sports etc. the need for representation will cause problems. take for eg, a school. it will be expected to have a proper mix of asians, african americans, mexicans and whites. thats a difficult thing to do. its going to be even more difficult thing to do in a college. and if that doesnt happen, it will be viewed with negativity.

history has always shown us that diversity leads to problems. things are going reasonably good for now.  and a rosy picture is being projected about the “perfect union” that america is going to become.  the mainstream media however prefers to project only one side of the coin. whether history will be repeated remains to be seen.