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before i start with my experience, I will post links from where I got some very helpful info. They are :

okay, I took a bus from bangalore to belgaum (VRL rs 500 air conditoned volvo, night journey) it was unmanageably cold, even after requesting them to turn it off, they wouldn’t do it. left at 10 and reached at about 8. I stayed in a hotel to refresh myself. My hotel was not near the Central bus stand. I tried to board a bus at a bus stand near my hotel, but the bus wouldn’t come. I got to know that buses to the VTU are few and far in between. So I took a rick, paid rs 100. I just had the xerox copies of marks cards. Not attested. I came back at 4:30 and around 5 i had all docs with me. I got consolidated marks card and official transcripts. You need to fill a form for both.

Then i left belgaum in the same bus, left at night 10 and came to blore at about 8. Belgaum is really cool. Reminds me of bangalore 10 years ago. How nice blore was at that time.. if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Hi guys, I’m leaving today for belgaum (VTU HQ) tonight at 10 from bangalore. I may be staying there for 2 days. I need the official transcripts and the consolidated marks card. Will write about the experience after I come back.

see you