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Tag Archives: regionalism in india

some indians have always compained against the racism they recieved when they were in the UK or US. while some incidents of racism in those countries cannot be denied, we indians should try to look at ourself and ask the questions-

“will i be quiet when another race becomes the majority while I  become the minority in my own country?”


“will I be quiet while a person of another race is given equal opportunity to compete for jobs along with me?”

the answer will most probably be no.

when there is so much regionalism going on in india itself, there is no way we would be tolerant to other races when we cant stand our own countrymen.

karnatake and tamil nadu often fight for water. there is bitterness in maharashtra about people of other states. i could go on and on…

so there is no question of an obama happening here. we dont follow what we preach.

we all cry out loud when an indian is subjected to racism, but will we be any better?. when people from european countries start coming to india in the thousands and start to thrive and leave us doing blue collar jobs, will we be tolerant?.

we should stop this regionalism now, the politicians who stoke hatred at other states should be branded traitors and they should be banned from politics.

see this is the problem with democracy, in the name of free speech, you can expolit the country. democracy is more of a hindrace in some countries.