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It seems that a radio jockey, somewhere in faraway new zealand, said something about our chief minister that angered our government so much that it “summoned NZ high commissioner and handed a demarche(formal protest). Why does such a trivial issue bother us so much? Our government can’t afford to waste time on things like these, I think we’re being sensitive. There are lots of people saying lots of things and its not right to hype up something like this.

Whats the use of “summoning” the NZ official? The poor guy cant control what people say there. By reacting to a trivial issue like this, we show the world that we’re not a mature nation, and can easily get offended. This will probably push more people in NZ to say something bad. This report was in the front page of the newspaper, I mean c’mon, there are more imporant things happening in india. The reason why it got such high publicity is that newspapers like to sensationalise. People like to read it and think “yeah they hate us, racists”. Hatred sells.