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the indian media frequenty dismisses movies with a slight nationalist flavor as jingoistic.

what is jingoism?

jingoism is defined by the oxford dictionary as – “extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy”. while some movies do have some jingoism, it has lead to a drastic decline of patriotic cinema. there are hardly any movies today that portray the plight of the indian soldier.  nobody remembers him/her.

the media is not playing a fair game here. you will hear news about our soldiers not being wanted in kashmir. those soldiers are risking their lives. and yet, some politicians want them out of there.

as a result of this constant bashing of patriotic movies as “jingoistic” we have effectively stamped them out. there are hardly any movies based on the subject of our past wars.

if you make movies about war, you’ve got to show the truth, you’ve got to show the suffering, the aggressors and the victims, movies like gadar did that really well. hence they were branded “jingoistic”.

indians, therefore, are patriotic only when it comes to the game of cricket. which is thankfully spared by the media.

war themed movies around the world have some slight jingoistic flavor to them, which should be acceptable.