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Shahid afridi, a muslim, had the following to say about “indian people” (read: Hindu’s) :

Interviewer: We had a very warm welcome in India. Indians treated us very well. What do you think about them?

Afridi: “To be honest, in my opinion, if I have to tell the truth, they (Indians) will never have hearts like Muslims and Pakistanis. I don’t think they have the large and clean hearts that Allah has given us”

hmm…try telling that to the muslims in the Indian team. I can’t believe that the ordinary pakistani buys this kind of crap. They obviously don’t know that India has had muslim presidents. On the other side of the fence, hindu’s of pakistan are hardly visible and don’t seem to be treated well, if reports by the BBC are true. Here, in India, muslims are flourishing. So much so that they will become the majority due to their high birth rates. Its going to happen, no doubt about that. I am not taking sides here. Its just a fact. If dhoni had said something like that, do you think he would be immediately removed. Afridi’s statements will have adverse effects on pakistan’s hindu’s, have you thought about that?

Afridi, is ofcourse, not oblivious to this fact. He has toured India many times to know that the hate-hindu propaganda he was fed in his young age is false. Every pakistani, by now, is well aware of the fact that Hindu’s are good, tolerant people and that India has a sizeable, influential muslim minority. More like the second biggest majority. Hindu doctors treat sick pakistani kids for free, as a sign of goodwill. We PAY pakistani players to play in the IPL. We invite pakistani player to bollywood events. Afridi, being a self confessed SRK fan, should know it. Shoaib akhtar is a fan of the big 3 khans of bollywood. The 3 khans have millions of Hindu fans and they have near-monopoly of bollywood. Something like that happening in pakistan is unimaginable.

Secularism is not a one way street. It should be reciprocated by pakistan. The secularism that pakistan’s politicians talk about when they are abroad is just a word with no meaning. This religious extremism which exists in pakistan, is causing more harm to themselves than anybody else. Just days ago, a bomb ripped through a sufi shrine in pakistan. Suspects are the taliban, who are intolerant to sufi’s. Both are muslims.

I think its high time the pakistani politicians and politicians-in-waiting like afridi realize their mistake and stop advocating hate and intolerance. Don’t be a victim of your own making.

this article is in reference to a TOI article  today which states that the obama admin has decided to give the pakistani govt a financial aid of 30+ billion US dollars. this money is supposed to prevent possible pakistani “disintegration”,  as they put it.

I feel that this aid money only postpones the inevitable. this eventuality has been continually pushed by successive US governments.

Secularism isn’t exactly a buzzword in pakistan. As fundamentalism, intolerance and poverty rises in that country,  it is only a matter of time until the hardliners gain major control. 

US financial position does not allow it to be so generous. it is time to seize pakistani nukes, before its too late.

why is only the US thinking of saving pakistan, why not china?. they too have a lot of money right. after all, they’re america’s bankers.  china actually declined to help pakistan recently because of which pakistan had to go to the IMF or something..

there was no official indian opposition to this move, which is sad. we should have lodged a strong protest. after all, some of this money may be used to build the pakistani military, as was done before. We should act to secure our interests.