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This is a very interesting piece of news that I came across recently. I will explain in simple way. For more than 3 decades, sudan has been in civil war over oil. and ethnic tensions. The north part of sudan is mostly arabs and the south part is mostly blacks. Over 2 million people (20 lakhs) were killed (mostly south sudan people) in the conflict that got worldwide attention but was mostly sidelined by the indian media. Finally, a deal was made where the south sudan people get to vote in jan 2011 wheather they want break away from the north or not. The govt is run by north sudan. Darfur is in sudan.

Obama made the following comment on that – ” …This is a dangerous area. The last time there was a war between north and south, 2 million people were killed. And so right now what we’re trying to do is organize a referendum where the south in a peaceful, legal fashion could decide to break off and form their own nation separate from what is currently all of Sudan. We’ve only got about 90 days to get this done. ”

Now there are some people who will critisize the US saying that its none of its business and that it should not interfere. But I disagree. Its a noble cause. Instead of blaming the US, the whole world should join in and stop the conflict. US is the only country in the world ready to risk its own soldiers to help people suffering in other countries. And all they get for it is blame. Really sad. If you were suffering there, wouldn’t you want somebody to help you? Would the Indian govt help? no. Will the indian people favor govt action in sudan to help sudanese? no. We are not that magnanimous. The US was so helpful that it granted asylum to some 3600 sudanese victims of war. They now number over 7000.

Which other country has done that? US haters should take note of this. America is a responsible superpower. They also liberated kuwait in the 90’s. They liberated afghan people from the brutal taliban regime. Now girls can attend schools and listen to music. But where’s the gratitude? All they got was more criticism. Both from people within the country and outside of it. I say that america is too good for this bad world that we live in.


Recent media reports have been constatnly cheerleading obama. it all started with the G20 meeting. Everything from obamas hi-tech car to michelle obama’s dressing style was covered widely.

Sadly, there was no news whether the G20 had actually achieved something real.

some reports called him the “shining star” of the event. some other called him a “political rockstar” and how he was the “center of attraction”. a lot was also written about subjective traits like his charm and how it won over everybody else. There was news of carla bruni and michelle obama and how the former paled in comparison.

all these news reports were published in the international news section, which was even more annoying. Why would any sensible person want to know all this?. it was like the newspapers were somehow wanting to fill their pages. This should have been pubished in the celebrity section.

The media should be concentrating on getting answers to real questions which were supposed to dealt with in the meeting. But none of that happened.

We have yet to see something remarkable from this president. with all the fanfare with which he was elected, it would not be justfiable to expect less. after all, he promised us the sky…