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What the reddy brothers are doing is wrong, no doubt about that. Both BJP and Congress are corrupt. However,the media critisizes the BJP more than the congress. Indian media is biased.

HD Kumaraswamy also owns lots and lots of land here in Bangalore. Why not mention that? His dad, Devegowda, was forced to step down from the post of PM because he is corrupt. The JD(S) and congress are no less corrupt than any other party. I demand fair reporting.

I read disturbing news reports of the BJP wanting to raise our national flag in jammu/kashmir, but, they are facing opposition from congress. Why is this? Isn’t that a part of India? Isn’t it traitorous not to?

The media are against the BJP. They are bias. Why aren’t the people protesting? Have you forgotten about that part of India. Whats wrong with the media? Why are they not shouting against this?

I have noticed several mistakes by indian news correspondents and hosts. First is the use of the word “basically”- the most used word. They use the word out of context and use it whenever they run out of something to say. Its a filler word. I’ve come to hate that word.

2nd= speaking in noisy environments. Why can’t they just show the video and add a voice over? Doesn’t it make their our job easier? You come back home after a hard day’s work, want to catch up with the news and you can’t understand what they’re saying-very annoying. Who hired them? End result is a sweaty, shabby woman who is yelling into the mic. Very unpleasant to watch. Thats why I prefer only BBC and CNN. News X is also good and comes third.

Excessive animation, transition effects, huge text area hampers viewing space. The words “BREAKING NEWS” are flashed on a bright color changing, heavily animated bar. Its too loud and garish. Why can’t they keep it simple? It just hurts the eye and serves no useful pourpose.

The words “Breaking news” have been repeated far too often and have lost value. It should be reserved only for huge events.

Mean looking news anchors- they try to look mean, tough, angry. They don’t want to look relaxed and neutral. They are news READERS, they read the news, plain and simple. They are supposed to look neutral. Looks more like they’re preparing to go to battle.

So thats my opinion. BYE