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The parking fee is too high in gopalan arch mall. Its about rs 30 for 3 hours, 40 for 4 hours etc… In Mantri mall, I dont know what exactly the rates are, but we stayed there for over 6 hours and had to pay just 30 rs parking fee. I think the gopalan arch mall parking fee works against the mall. It keeps people out. Less people=less sales=less profit.

The restrooms(toilets) in mantri mall are well maintained. This can’t be said of gopalan arch mall. Their toilets are stink factories and the floor is wet. Terrible stuff.

Gopalan arch mall has a very decorative exterior/building design. A fancy exterior serves no pourpose. I think its just a waste of money. Plus, the exterior is getting dusty and there’s no maintainance on that too.


I was very happy when I came to know that a mall was coming a short distance from house. But when I went there I was sorely disappointed by the noise. They play shrill songs and its so loud that you can’t have a conversation at normal volume. I got a headache the first time I went there. Now, I’m used to it but it still bothers me. I don’t understand the reason behind it.

The trend started with a store called “big bazar” and now “gopalan arch mall” has followed suit. Its a nice air conditioned atmosphere but the noise just puts you off. If you visit other malls like garuda, forum you will see they don’t play music. It feels like a mall, but this feels like a bazar. Nobody would want to be in a noisy bazar.

I did some research on this and came up with surprising results. It turns out that the noise and chaos are not the result of poor planning. They are intentional. It seems that they have recreated the atmosphere of an indian bazaar, indoors. This link explains the head of big bazar saying that noise and chaos increase sales.
I don’t buy that. Big bazar sells because products are cheap, but they are also low quality. And most indians prefer price over quality. Noise and chaos has nothing to do with it. I believe they will sell more if they do away with noise. And their toilets are horrible. Kishore biyani would himself not dare to step in.

There is enough chaos as it is, we don’t need more. If kishore biyani was right, places like garuda, central and forum would have closed long back. The other day I was shocked and disgusted to find a salesman yelling out, trying to sell. It was like the sellers at railway station, shouting with a shrill voice.

If they recreated the noise and chaos, why not recreate the stink, filth and cowdung that accompanies an indian bazaar? Going by their theory, it will bring them more sales. The more chaotic, the better i guess.