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Uttar Pradesh has a large muslim population. Back in the 90’s, Muslims had a choice b/w the congress and the BJP, now there are other players, all vying for the all-important Muslim vote. The benefit that the congress had, before the BSP and SP, is never going to come back. The Muslims earlier, voted for the congress as a single voting block. Now, they have several choices. Now, the only way to attract muslim votes is to give them sops.

The recent decision to allow 4% reservation in the 27% quota for backward classes for Muslims is an example. They are trading votes for sops. Reservations will spoil Muslims and make them lazy. If you don’t have to work hard for something, you will not realize its value. This system of sops-for-votes will prove costly for the congress, BSP and SP. With a rapidly growing muslim population, even more reservation will be required next year for their votes. The BJP should use this opportunity and directly make a pitch to the Muslims, telling them why their reservation is bad for them, and how the congress is trying to buy their votes.

Shahid afridi, a muslim, had the following to say about “indian people” (read: Hindu’s) :

Interviewer: We had a very warm welcome in India. Indians treated us very well. What do you think about them?

Afridi: “To be honest, in my opinion, if I have to tell the truth, they (Indians) will never have hearts like Muslims and Pakistanis. I don’t think they have the large and clean hearts that Allah has given us”

hmm…try telling that to the muslims in the Indian team. I can’t believe that the ordinary pakistani buys this kind of crap. They obviously don’t know that India has had muslim presidents. On the other side of the fence, hindu’s of pakistan are hardly visible and don’t seem to be treated well, if reports by the BBC are true. Here, in India, muslims are flourishing. So much so that they will become the majority due to their high birth rates. Its going to happen, no doubt about that. I am not taking sides here. Its just a fact. If dhoni had said something like that, do you think he would be immediately removed. Afridi’s statements will have adverse effects on pakistan’s hindu’s, have you thought about that?

Afridi, is ofcourse, not oblivious to this fact. He has toured India many times to know that the hate-hindu propaganda he was fed in his young age is false. Every pakistani, by now, is well aware of the fact that Hindu’s are good, tolerant people and that India has a sizeable, influential muslim minority. More like the second biggest majority. Hindu doctors treat sick pakistani kids for free, as a sign of goodwill. We PAY pakistani players to play in the IPL. We invite pakistani player to bollywood events. Afridi, being a self confessed SRK fan, should know it. Shoaib akhtar is a fan of the big 3 khans of bollywood. The 3 khans have millions of Hindu fans and they have near-monopoly of bollywood. Something like that happening in pakistan is unimaginable.

Secularism is not a one way street. It should be reciprocated by pakistan. The secularism that pakistan’s politicians talk about when they are abroad is just a word with no meaning. This religious extremism which exists in pakistan, is causing more harm to themselves than anybody else. Just days ago, a bomb ripped through a sufi shrine in pakistan. Suspects are the taliban, who are intolerant to sufi’s. Both are muslims.

I think its high time the pakistani politicians and politicians-in-waiting like afridi realize their mistake and stop advocating hate and intolerance. Don’t be a victim of your own making.

Baba Ramdev is a hindu spiritual leader who has popularized yoga and is enormously popular among the masses. He speaks out against government corruption, illegal immigration, exploitation of farmers. Yesterday, one of congress’s leaders accused him of illegal transactions and unaccounted money. I find these allegations utterly reprehensible. He runs charitable organizations. Congress’ policy is to attack anyone who wears saffron clothes.

I read disturbing news reports of the BJP wanting to raise our national flag in jammu/kashmir, but, they are facing opposition from congress. Why is this? Isn’t that a part of India? Isn’t it traitorous not to?

The media are against the BJP. They are bias. Why aren’t the people protesting? Have you forgotten about that part of India. Whats wrong with the media? Why are they not shouting against this?

The parking fee is too high in gopalan arch mall. Its about rs 30 for 3 hours, 40 for 4 hours etc… In Mantri mall, I dont know what exactly the rates are, but we stayed there for over 6 hours and had to pay just 30 rs parking fee. I think the gopalan arch mall parking fee works against the mall. It keeps people out. Less people=less sales=less profit.

The restrooms(toilets) in mantri mall are well maintained. This can’t be said of gopalan arch mall. Their toilets are stink factories and the floor is wet. Terrible stuff.

Gopalan arch mall has a very decorative exterior/building design. A fancy exterior serves no pourpose. I think its just a waste of money. Plus, the exterior is getting dusty and there’s no maintainance on that too.

I was very happy when I came to know that a mall was coming a short distance from house. But when I went there I was sorely disappointed by the noise. They play shrill songs and its so loud that you can’t have a conversation at normal volume. I got a headache the first time I went there. Now, I’m used to it but it still bothers me. I don’t understand the reason behind it.

The trend started with a store called “big bazar” and now “gopalan arch mall” has followed suit. Its a nice air conditioned atmosphere but the noise just puts you off. If you visit other malls like garuda, forum you will see they don’t play music. It feels like a mall, but this feels like a bazar. Nobody would want to be in a noisy bazar.

I did some research on this and came up with surprising results. It turns out that the noise and chaos are not the result of poor planning. They are intentional. It seems that they have recreated the atmosphere of an indian bazaar, indoors. This link explains the head of big bazar saying that noise and chaos increase sales.
I don’t buy that. Big bazar sells because products are cheap, but they are also low quality. And most indians prefer price over quality. Noise and chaos has nothing to do with it. I believe they will sell more if they do away with noise. And their toilets are horrible. Kishore biyani would himself not dare to step in.

There is enough chaos as it is, we don’t need more. If kishore biyani was right, places like garuda, central and forum would have closed long back. The other day I was shocked and disgusted to find a salesman yelling out, trying to sell. It was like the sellers at railway station, shouting with a shrill voice.

If they recreated the noise and chaos, why not recreate the stink, filth and cowdung that accompanies an indian bazaar? Going by their theory, it will bring them more sales. The more chaotic, the better i guess.

the indian media frequenty dismisses movies with a slight nationalist flavor as jingoistic.

what is jingoism?

jingoism is defined by the oxford dictionary as – “extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy”. while some movies do have some jingoism, it has lead to a drastic decline of patriotic cinema. there are hardly any movies today that portray the plight of the indian soldier.  nobody remembers him/her.

the media is not playing a fair game here. you will hear news about our soldiers not being wanted in kashmir. those soldiers are risking their lives. and yet, some politicians want them out of there.

as a result of this constant bashing of patriotic movies as “jingoistic” we have effectively stamped them out. there are hardly any movies based on the subject of our past wars.

if you make movies about war, you’ve got to show the truth, you’ve got to show the suffering, the aggressors and the victims, movies like gadar did that really well. hence they were branded “jingoistic”.

indians, therefore, are patriotic only when it comes to the game of cricket. which is thankfully spared by the media.

war themed movies around the world have some slight jingoistic flavor to them, which should be acceptable.

there has been just too much of cricket nowadays. there is even a channel that shows cricket 24*7. we have been playing the same old sport since the past 50 years. the sport is run by corrupt people. it is almost impossible to get into the national team even if you’re good.

if we do not try to change the trend, it will remain like this forever. until the end of humanity, india will still be playing cricket. we need to take some tough steps. people have to wake up, its upto the indian people. isnt it such a shame that a country of 1 billion people only play cricket. i do not think there is any other country in the world that is so singularly focused on one sport.

indian players keep playing till they are old. they dont want to retire and let youngsters play. its a sad situation. when our team loses, we burn the coach’ effigy. things like these just spoil the image of india.

with the IPL and similar leagues starting soon.. its going to get to a point where the players just cant take it anymore. and whats up with importing american cheerleaders? wasnt it a family sport?. cricket is getting adulterated. the crowds at most cricket matches(esp those held in india) are just not ready to see scantily clad girls dance. the popular opinion is that all those girls are sluts. they ogle at them openly and pass lewd comments or make obscene gestures.  was the introduction of cheerleaders only way to move the game forward?. it was the wrong step.

all that is suitable for american sports and people but not here in india. in the USA, they are appreciated for their beauty and dancing skills. but here in india they were viewed merely as sex objects. what frustrates me is that even the newspapers and TV channels followed the cheapster way. photos were taken from angles so as to make them look cheap. like bottom up photos et al…

all this should further push away the educated and informed lot from cricket.

ok, this is an issue which is just not getting the attention it deserves. and whenever there is something about it, a rosy picture is painted. the truth is, it is already too late. many indians remain blissfully unaware of the disastrous consequences this can have.

the population in local areas are the first to bear the brunt of this. frequent power cuts, very little drinking water etc..

the urban indian is blinded to the problem. he/she is not in the know or does not care.

indian population is expected to overtake china’s population by 2030 (link here). some other estimates put that at around 2050. but lets keep the math aside. you dont need an expert to tell you when that will happen. if you’ve been living in an indian city for 10 years, im sure you know what am talking about.  i live in a city and the growth has been shocking. compared to the late 80’s or the 90’s, the crowd on the roads seems to have increased by many times. a quiet, nice slow city has been transformed to a crowded, noisy, polluted city and its only going to get worse.

resources are short. the ever expanding cities are encroaching on rural farmlands. the very sources that feed the nation are being turned to commercial hubs. are we going to eat money?.

more the people, lesser the jobs available, more the competitiveness and life just gets so hard. there are so many doctors and engineers and lawyers. there is an excess of everything here and its just getting started. so you dont know what to do or what has a future. so salaries are going to get lesser and life is going to become more difficult.

i predict the future wars will be fought for water and food. i predict there are going to be people fighting on the streets for water. one day we will have to pay for water like we pay for petrol. rs 51 per liter of water. its going to happen. we are not going to wake up until the water has come right up to our nose.

we need a one child norm. a two child norm is no good. we need radical change, and we need it fast. we’ve got to be strict about the norm. just telling people will not work. it has never worked. we need to take some unpleasant actions. but necessary ones. again, it should be the NORM.  we cant just introduce a sloppy campaign or TV ads or something like that which is as good as doing nothing at all.

a politician recently stated that china style population control is not for india. i do not agree with him. our leaders are quick to tell us what can’t be done but they offer no solutions. neither do they have the political will to do something about it.

another source of increasing population is our porous border with neighbouring countries. it is estimated that around 4 crore illegal immigrant now reside in india (source:baba ramdev). these illegal immigrants are a strain on our economy and our resources and they should be deported to their respective countries. many indians turn a blind eye to this fact. we need to build walls. as simple as that. this is not a free for all country.. you cant just come in. we need to send a clear message.

couples should adopt kids rather than bring new ones into this big bad world. why subject another new human to all this pain and sorrow of the modern life?. why not we try to give a good life to already existing kids?. we the people should learn to be more broadminded.

lots of people have suggested that population control would be harmful as the old population will increase and young people will decrease. that just doesnt stick. we cant just keep increasing the population. we dont need so many youngsters, we need balanced population.

plus, rain water harvesting should be made compulsory. those who do not follow that should be penalised. we dont know the value of water. have you tried being thirsty for a long time?. if you’ve been really really REALLY thirsty and then drink water.. you can feel it go down your body from your shoulders to your palms and to your toes.. its an amazing feeling.. try it. you can feel it travel. the satisfaction is immense. such is the magic of nature. we should strive to retain what we have and pass it to the youngsters…