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there has been just too much of cricket nowadays. there is even a channel that shows cricket 24*7. we have been playing the same old sport since the past 50 years. the sport is run by corrupt people. it is almost impossible to get into the national team even if you’re good.

if we do not try to change the trend, it will remain like this forever. until the end of humanity, india will still be playing cricket. we need to take some tough steps. people have to wake up, its upto the indian people. isnt it such a shame that a country of 1 billion people only play cricket. i do not think there is any other country in the world that is so singularly focused on one sport.

indian players keep playing till they are old. they dont want to retire and let youngsters play. its a sad situation. when our team loses, we burn the coach’ effigy. things like these just spoil the image of india.

with the IPL and similar leagues starting soon.. its going to get to a point where the players just cant take it anymore. and whats up with importing american cheerleaders? wasnt it a family sport?. cricket is getting adulterated. the crowds at most cricket matches(esp those held in india) are just not ready to see scantily clad girls dance. the popular opinion is that all those girls are sluts. they ogle at them openly and pass lewd comments or make obscene gestures.  was the introduction of cheerleaders only way to move the game forward?. it was the wrong step.

all that is suitable for american sports and people but not here in india. in the USA, they are appreciated for their beauty and dancing skills. but here in india they were viewed merely as sex objects. what frustrates me is that even the newspapers and TV channels followed the cheapster way. photos were taken from angles so as to make them look cheap. like bottom up photos et al…

all this should further push away the educated and informed lot from cricket.