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The parking fee is too high in gopalan arch mall. Its about rs 30 for 3 hours, 40 for 4 hours etc… In Mantri mall, I dont know what exactly the rates are, but we stayed there for over 6 hours and had to pay just 30 rs parking fee. I think the gopalan arch mall parking fee works against the mall. It keeps people out. Less people=less sales=less profit.

The restrooms(toilets) in mantri mall are well maintained. This can’t be said of gopalan arch mall. Their toilets are stink factories and the floor is wet. Terrible stuff.

Gopalan arch mall has a very decorative exterior/building design. A fancy exterior serves no pourpose. I think its just a waste of money. Plus, the exterior is getting dusty and there’s no maintainance on that too.


When malls first started sprouting around bangalore, I thought they would never last long. I felt they were expensive. That opinion remained for a long time and I was surprised that malls had not shut shop.

I was always hesitant to go to individual stores. They had limited patience. When I buy clothes, I like to try them all and it takes time for me to find the right choice. I can’t do that in a hurry. And small shop owners don’t take kindly to it. Once you start trying clothes, they expect you buy something. Plus, everything is neatly folded and stacked in racks. So its hard for you to know what they look like. Asking them to unfold it is putting yourself in more trouble. There is now even more pressure on you to buy. I’ve had bitter experiences with these small stores that way. You can see the frustration on their faces. Sometimes they are vocal about it or they make subtle actions to let you know. Not a good policy. The owner has to rein in on the lazy salespersons. But the salesperson isn’t well paid either, so its obvious he’s disappointed with his job. This results in loss of repeat visits. I’ve made it a point to never visit small stores again, unless really necessary.

Thats when I realized why malls are starting to draw in more customers. Earlier I would only see well dressed (apparently well off) people buying stuff, but now I see people who look not-so-well-off too. Atleast, thats the case where I stay.

The cost isn’t prohibitive either. There’s always some discount. The price rise is justified. I try tons of clothes before buying. And no pesky salespersons to bother me. A good shopping experience.