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A new bad feature of KBC is the time limit on each question. Its a 30 second time limit. Its not justified, amitabh(following orders), kills time himself by showing the participants house, family, hobby etc. He asks them what they will do with the money. Most participans say “charity”, but I doubt if they really mean it. Not everybody is rich enough to afford charity. So I think thats a wrong question to ask.

Why waste time showing useless family clips and then take it away from the more important question round? The intention doesn’t seem to be good. And when amitabh says “poore TEEN LAKH rupiye”, I cant help but think, is that really a big amount as he is making it sound? He is paid atleast 1 crore per episode. Check this link:

The phone a friend time has also reduced. It used to be 45 seconds. But now its only 30 seconds. Not enough if you have a long question. They have to vary the time alloted based on the difficulty of the question. They earn money out of incoming SMS’s too. They should ask easy questions and let people win more money. After all, india is a poor country.

I’ve been watching KBC since it started. One common thing that all participants share is that they bow happily to Amitabh like he is some superior being. They bend and walk, they bend while shaking hands. They’re backs are constantly bent in his presence. I have seen all these years, when a poor guy(with low self-esteem) meets the rich/powerful guy, he always arches his back to lower himself. I think this is a unique indian trait.

Not only that, they also repeatedly call him “sir”. Even middle age contestants do that. Amitabh himself would not want to be called that. This is the contestants fault. I have seen some contestants who are confident, do not bow and I appreciate it. I hope the others were like them. This is the media has elevated amitabh to god status. It is time we treated celebrities like celebrities, not demi gods.

Hold on for another post- Why the new KBC sucks!