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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Baba Ramdev is a hindu spiritual leader who has popularized yoga and is enormously popular among the masses. He speaks out against government corruption, illegal immigration, exploitation of farmers. Yesterday, one of congress’s leaders accused him of illegal transactions and unaccounted money. I find these allegations utterly reprehensible. He runs charitable organizations. Congress’ policy is to attack anyone who wears saffron clothes.

I just completed my census questions today. The man who came home was a govt school teacher. We gave him some snacks and he rested for a while. He was very appreciative of our cooperation. It took just 5 minutes.

He told me that other people do not give complete information. He also narrated incidents where he was just made to wait for a long time or people who never answered the door. Whats wrong with us? A census is for our benefit. The people’s benefit. I hope people change.

I was terribly disappointed to read about Advani’s apology to sonia gandhi for accusing her of stashing away money in swiss bank accounts. Sonia gandhi may not have money there, but she has associated herself with several politicians who are accused of all kinds of offences. She doesn’t give any interviews, she is not outspoken, She doesn’t take the initiative, nor does she take responsibility. What kind of a leader is she?