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Monthly Archives: October 2010

I watched the verdict on TV and here I have 2 clips that show the chaos:

Scenes like this best describe the image of india that foreigners have. And this is the image that we portray to the world, and we get angry if they point out. I can’t understand how, an event of such great importance, could be bungled.

And this is not something that happened overnight, we had enough time to prepare and organize, but nobody did it, or even if the event was planned, the plan was not adhered. What we saw on TV was disgusting.

These kinds of chaotic, unplanned scenes never happen in developed countries. And I’m not just talking about the west, I’m talking about singapore, malaysia. Those countries got independence at around the same time as us. So the argument “its just been 60 years” don’t hold. Its time we stopped making excuses and take responsibility.

I have noticed several mistakes by indian news correspondents and hosts. First is the use of the word “basically”- the most used word. They use the word out of context and use it whenever they run out of something to say. Its a filler word. I’ve come to hate that word.

2nd= speaking in noisy environments. Why can’t they just show the video and add a voice over? Doesn’t it make their our job easier? You come back home after a hard day’s work, want to catch up with the news and you can’t understand what they’re saying-very annoying. Who hired them? End result is a sweaty, shabby woman who is yelling into the mic. Very unpleasant to watch. Thats why I prefer only BBC and CNN. News X is also good and comes third.

Excessive animation, transition effects, huge text area hampers viewing space. The words “BREAKING NEWS” are flashed on a bright color changing, heavily animated bar. Its too loud and garish. Why can’t they keep it simple? It just hurts the eye and serves no useful pourpose.

The words “Breaking news” have been repeated far too often and have lost value. It should be reserved only for huge events.

Mean looking news anchors- they try to look mean, tough, angry. They don’t want to look relaxed and neutral. They are news READERS, they read the news, plain and simple. They are supposed to look neutral. Looks more like they’re preparing to go to battle.

So thats my opinion. BYE

A new bad feature of KBC is the time limit on each question. Its a 30 second time limit. Its not justified, amitabh(following orders), kills time himself by showing the participants house, family, hobby etc. He asks them what they will do with the money. Most participans say “charity”, but I doubt if they really mean it. Not everybody is rich enough to afford charity. So I think thats a wrong question to ask.

Why waste time showing useless family clips and then take it away from the more important question round? The intention doesn’t seem to be good. And when amitabh says “poore TEEN LAKH rupiye”, I cant help but think, is that really a big amount as he is making it sound? He is paid atleast 1 crore per episode. Check this link:

The phone a friend time has also reduced. It used to be 45 seconds. But now its only 30 seconds. Not enough if you have a long question. They have to vary the time alloted based on the difficulty of the question. They earn money out of incoming SMS’s too. They should ask easy questions and let people win more money. After all, india is a poor country.

I’ve been watching KBC since it started. One common thing that all participants share is that they bow happily to Amitabh like he is some superior being. They bend and walk, they bend while shaking hands. They’re backs are constantly bent in his presence. I have seen all these years, when a poor guy(with low self-esteem) meets the rich/powerful guy, he always arches his back to lower himself. I think this is a unique indian trait.

Not only that, they also repeatedly call him “sir”. Even middle age contestants do that. Amitabh himself would not want to be called that. This is the contestants fault. I have seen some contestants who are confident, do not bow and I appreciate it. I hope the others were like them. This is the media has elevated amitabh to god status. It is time we treated celebrities like celebrities, not demi gods.

Hold on for another post- Why the new KBC sucks!

This is a very interesting piece of news that I came across recently. I will explain in simple way. For more than 3 decades, sudan has been in civil war over oil. and ethnic tensions. The north part of sudan is mostly arabs and the south part is mostly blacks. Over 2 million people (20 lakhs) were killed (mostly south sudan people) in the conflict that got worldwide attention but was mostly sidelined by the indian media. Finally, a deal was made where the south sudan people get to vote in jan 2011 wheather they want break away from the north or not. The govt is run by north sudan. Darfur is in sudan.

Obama made the following comment on that – ” …This is a dangerous area. The last time there was a war between north and south, 2 million people were killed. And so right now what we’re trying to do is organize a referendum where the south in a peaceful, legal fashion could decide to break off and form their own nation separate from what is currently all of Sudan. We’ve only got about 90 days to get this done. ”

Now there are some people who will critisize the US saying that its none of its business and that it should not interfere. But I disagree. Its a noble cause. Instead of blaming the US, the whole world should join in and stop the conflict. US is the only country in the world ready to risk its own soldiers to help people suffering in other countries. And all they get for it is blame. Really sad. If you were suffering there, wouldn’t you want somebody to help you? Would the Indian govt help? no. Will the indian people favor govt action in sudan to help sudanese? no. We are not that magnanimous. The US was so helpful that it granted asylum to some 3600 sudanese victims of war. They now number over 7000.

Which other country has done that? US haters should take note of this. America is a responsible superpower. They also liberated kuwait in the 90’s. They liberated afghan people from the brutal taliban regime. Now girls can attend schools and listen to music. But where’s the gratitude? All they got was more criticism. Both from people within the country and outside of it. I say that america is too good for this bad world that we live in.

before i start with my experience, I will post links from where I got some very helpful info. They are :

okay, I took a bus from bangalore to belgaum (VRL rs 500 air conditoned volvo, night journey) it was unmanageably cold, even after requesting them to turn it off, they wouldn’t do it. left at 10 and reached at about 8. I stayed in a hotel to refresh myself. My hotel was not near the Central bus stand. I tried to board a bus at a bus stand near my hotel, but the bus wouldn’t come. I got to know that buses to the VTU are few and far in between. So I took a rick, paid rs 100. I just had the xerox copies of marks cards. Not attested. I came back at 4:30 and around 5 i had all docs with me. I got consolidated marks card and official transcripts. You need to fill a form for both.

Then i left belgaum in the same bus, left at night 10 and came to blore at about 8. Belgaum is really cool. Reminds me of bangalore 10 years ago. How nice blore was at that time.. if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Hi guys, I’m leaving today for belgaum (VTU HQ) tonight at 10 from bangalore. I may be staying there for 2 days. I need the official transcripts and the consolidated marks card. Will write about the experience after I come back.

see you

It seems that a radio jockey, somewhere in faraway new zealand, said something about our chief minister that angered our government so much that it “summoned NZ high commissioner and handed a demarche(formal protest). Why does such a trivial issue bother us so much? Our government can’t afford to waste time on things like these, I think we’re being sensitive. There are lots of people saying lots of things and its not right to hype up something like this.

Whats the use of “summoning” the NZ official? The poor guy cant control what people say there. By reacting to a trivial issue like this, we show the world that we’re not a mature nation, and can easily get offended. This will probably push more people in NZ to say something bad. This report was in the front page of the newspaper, I mean c’mon, there are more imporant things happening in india. The reason why it got such high publicity is that newspapers like to sensationalise. People like to read it and think “yeah they hate us, racists”. Hatred sells.

When malls first started sprouting around bangalore, I thought they would never last long. I felt they were expensive. That opinion remained for a long time and I was surprised that malls had not shut shop.

I was always hesitant to go to individual stores. They had limited patience. When I buy clothes, I like to try them all and it takes time for me to find the right choice. I can’t do that in a hurry. And small shop owners don’t take kindly to it. Once you start trying clothes, they expect you buy something. Plus, everything is neatly folded and stacked in racks. So its hard for you to know what they look like. Asking them to unfold it is putting yourself in more trouble. There is now even more pressure on you to buy. I’ve had bitter experiences with these small stores that way. You can see the frustration on their faces. Sometimes they are vocal about it or they make subtle actions to let you know. Not a good policy. The owner has to rein in on the lazy salespersons. But the salesperson isn’t well paid either, so its obvious he’s disappointed with his job. This results in loss of repeat visits. I’ve made it a point to never visit small stores again, unless really necessary.

Thats when I realized why malls are starting to draw in more customers. Earlier I would only see well dressed (apparently well off) people buying stuff, but now I see people who look not-so-well-off too. Atleast, thats the case where I stay.

The cost isn’t prohibitive either. There’s always some discount. The price rise is justified. I try tons of clothes before buying. And no pesky salespersons to bother me. A good shopping experience.