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Monthly Archives: May 2009

the ongoing indian elections chaos has made on thing clear: democracy has failed big time in india. our politicians are exploiting the system. we need to get rid of it and install a form of governance that has atleast some control over its people.

now the word ‘control’ should not evoke fear. you need control to steer the country in the right direction. democracy gives too much freedom that often results in chaos. prime ministerial/presidential candidates are voted based on promises they later fail to keep up. these candidates often make unrealistic promises, and the layman believes them and votes for them. many people do not follow politics and cannot make out if a promise can be kept or not. that way, people are being cheated. case in point: president obama promised to enforce human rights during campaigning. but now, he is silent over china’s human rights record. money wins against human rights.

then comes the issue of coalition politics, which is a story in itself. parties throw their ideology to the wind and tie up. the coalition system should be banned.

democracy only works in sparsely populated first world countries where people tend to be law abiding. they dont look for loopholes to cheat the system. USA should not be forcing democracy on other countries, it has to realise that what works for them may not work for others.

you cannot implement a one child norm in a democracy, you will be voted out of power. democracy is a pleasing game. people want the freedom to have kids. they dont care about resources, they dont care about the country. they get selfish.

military service cannot be made compulsory in our country. as a result, many indians do not understand what it is like to be a soldier. this is one way of giving back to your nation. this military service instills a sense of patriotism and love for one’s country like no other.

its like treating a sick child that needs medicine. but the child refuses to drink the medicine because of its bitterness. only in this case, the child can change its guardian at its whim.

take the issue of non-vegetarian food. i think its high tiime the whole world placed heavy restrictions on non veg consumption. humans exploit the privilege, overconsumption of non-veg food has led to our seas/rivers/oceans being empty of fish. fish are now raised in farms. chicken especially are the most abused animal.

I am quite sure that even america cannot implement a population control policy. america’s population is growing rapidly. in 1970, the US population was 200 million, now its over 300 million. they will soon need to have a population control policy. some people may think that its too small a number to justify for a population control policy. but you have to keep in mind that each tree cut reduces chances of our survival. each square mile of forest land occupied kills our planet, bit by bit. the only way we can accomadate more humans is by cutting down the forests. it may be our right to have babies, but how much more abuse can our planet sustain?. it is time for us to be broadminded and adopt kids.

america may be blamed world over for the climate crisis. but the truth is, india and china contribute a lot more than america. in america, there are laws regarding deforestation, preservation of wild habitat etc. but in india, the real estate boom( resulting due to the IT boom) led to mindless deforestation. those who engage in such practises must be punished. it should be a serious offence, as it threatens the existence of future generations.