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none of them are worth watching. they give you a headache. the sole pourpose of watching a car show is to see a car, but when you dont get to see the car properly, whats the use?.

what happens is, the camera is never stable, it keeps dancing around the car. the cameraman fills the entire TV screen with a single shot of the headlight, who wants to see the damn headlight?. i want to see the whole damn car, not just the headlight or the grill or the logo.

plus, the camera is always cross, there is always some special effects added like the camera blurs. or the shots taken from near the ground which focus more on the grass than the car.

as a result, you end up frustrated. you miss “top gear”, the BBC car show. you wish someone in the crew had the simple sense to realise the problem. whats the use of spending so much money when you cant get the basics right?. who hired them??.

show us the car, show us the whole car.


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