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we have never seen a leader who is smart. by smart i mean, a person who can talk well, dress well and use the right body language. you dont have to be good looking, but you should try to be presentable. after all, the prime minister/president is the most important representative of a country.

pakistan has had musharraf who was smart, he was liked, respected all around the world. it was because he was tough, he talked tough and spoke well and dressed well too.

the first thing that our politicans need to start doing, is wear suits. even when on a foreign visit, our politicans wear what appears like a cross between indian and western clothing.

some people say this is inconsequential, but i do not agree. for, if you lack confidence or look shaky, lotta people are going to have a negative opinion about you.

the most important factor for a politician is his likeability. obama, for example, had all that. his job was to talk people into voting for him, he did that well. wheather he will fulfil his promises is another matter, but his likeability played a huge role in getting him votes. people all around the world like him, its because he’s smart.


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