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india has always been peace loving. from the time of its inception, we have never been offensive, but only acted in defense. we go to great lenghts to see that wars are not started. we have been doing it for so long,  thats its gotten into our psyche that war can never bring a solution.  we have not been able to break out of that mould.

even when we are stretched, we refuse to use our military and instead prefer to choose “talks”. talks have hardly worked for india. talks lead to a temporary settlement but the issue as a whole remains un-addressed.

We should learn to use force. now am not saying that war is good, but force, when used effectively, it can bring a solution. you will either win or lose, but you will have an end result. 

our hostile neighbours are sure that we will never initiate a war. we are just too peace loving. 

as a result, respect for india has dimished. I doubt there is any other country which would compromise the safety of its people for temporary peace. 

our neighbours have also used force many times, even when there was a international call to stop. like sri lanka currently fighting the tamil rebels, they seem to be determined to take it to the end, even though there’s international pressure to stop. 

india messed up the few times it was engaged in war. instead of properly finishing what was started, we have many times finished in a sloppy way and lost land. 

war is sometimes an opportunity. its an opportunity to retake lost land. we have never done that. 

even after the mumbai attacks, our method of confronting pakistan has been silly/childish. our politicans won’t dare to even talk tough. let alone act.  for example, we stalled the peace talks. we didnt send our cricket team to pakistan, we stopped the india-pakistan bus service. 

with the elections coming up.. the media will stop covering the mumbai incident, it will slowly get off people’s minds, and life will return to normal. the “peace talks” will resume, and then there will be another attack… the cycle will keep repeating. 

as an example of how weak we are, read thru the following link (a new york times article) . it happened about 8 years ago.. you may have forgotten about it. but its worth a read. here it is.


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