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Monthly Archives: February 2009

what is so great about the oscars?. the front page coverage of slumdog winning the oscars was going over the top. was it worth it to cover entire front pages of many newspapers?. there are many other important issues that need to be covered, esp in the front page. some newspapers have dedicated entire pages to the slumdog-oscar show.

why are we going bonkers? the movie does not portray India in the right light. the oscars were most probably given to please the indian population. one way to say-‘we havent forgotten you’. since very few Indians have been awarded the oscars. its a multicultural society, you are supposed to keep everyone happy. slumdog maybe a well made movie no doubt, but you cant deny some political correctness.

some newspapers report that the awardees were greeted by indian prime minister Manmohan Singh. i think that was totally necessary. i have never heard of something like this… how can a head of state congratulate an oscar award winner. there are more deserving people who need that.

one awardee, may be rewarded with a tax exemption. I feel that nobody should be exempt of paying taxes. what makes one person so great? why should wealthy people be exempt from paying taxes?.

we should get over slumdog. it is high time we make a sensible movie about India’s great history. there are so many other glorious topics about India that can win Oscars.

what is so great about Oscars anyway, why should it be a benchmark?. they have made mistakes too. in the long history of the Oscars, there have been some movies that lost out even though they were the best. the Oscar judges are human afterall..

some indians have always compained against the racism they recieved when they were in the UK or US. while some incidents of racism in those countries cannot be denied, we indians should try to look at ourself and ask the questions-

“will i be quiet when another race becomes the majority while I  become the minority in my own country?”


“will I be quiet while a person of another race is given equal opportunity to compete for jobs along with me?”

the answer will most probably be no.

when there is so much regionalism going on in india itself, there is no way we would be tolerant to other races when we cant stand our own countrymen.

karnatake and tamil nadu often fight for water. there is bitterness in maharashtra about people of other states. i could go on and on…

so there is no question of an obama happening here. we dont follow what we preach.

we all cry out loud when an indian is subjected to racism, but will we be any better?. when people from european countries start coming to india in the thousands and start to thrive and leave us doing blue collar jobs, will we be tolerant?.

we should stop this regionalism now, the politicians who stoke hatred at other states should be branded traitors and they should be banned from politics.

see this is the problem with democracy, in the name of free speech, you can expolit the country. democracy is more of a hindrace in some countries.

none of them are worth watching. they give you a headache. the sole pourpose of watching a car show is to see a car, but when you dont get to see the car properly, whats the use?.

what happens is, the camera is never stable, it keeps dancing around the car. the cameraman fills the entire TV screen with a single shot of the headlight, who wants to see the damn headlight?. i want to see the whole damn car, not just the headlight or the grill or the logo.

plus, the camera is always cross, there is always some special effects added like the camera blurs. or the shots taken from near the ground which focus more on the grass than the car.

as a result, you end up frustrated. you miss “top gear”, the BBC car show. you wish someone in the crew had the simple sense to realise the problem. whats the use of spending so much money when you cant get the basics right?. who hired them??.

show us the car, show us the whole car.

we have never seen a leader who is smart. by smart i mean, a person who can talk well, dress well and use the right body language. you dont have to be good looking, but you should try to be presentable. after all, the prime minister/president is the most important representative of a country.

pakistan has had musharraf who was smart, he was liked, respected all around the world. it was because he was tough, he talked tough and spoke well and dressed well too.

the first thing that our politicans need to start doing, is wear suits. even when on a foreign visit, our politicans wear what appears like a cross between indian and western clothing.

some people say this is inconsequential, but i do not agree. for, if you lack confidence or look shaky, lotta people are going to have a negative opinion about you.

the most important factor for a politician is his likeability. obama, for example, had all that. his job was to talk people into voting for him, he did that well. wheather he will fulfil his promises is another matter, but his likeability played a huge role in getting him votes. people all around the world like him, its because he’s smart.

india has always been peace loving. from the time of its inception, we have never been offensive, but only acted in defense. we go to great lenghts to see that wars are not started. we have been doing it for so long,  thats its gotten into our psyche that war can never bring a solution.  we have not been able to break out of that mould.

even when we are stretched, we refuse to use our military and instead prefer to choose “talks”. talks have hardly worked for india. talks lead to a temporary settlement but the issue as a whole remains un-addressed.

We should learn to use force. now am not saying that war is good, but force, when used effectively, it can bring a solution. you will either win or lose, but you will have an end result. 

our hostile neighbours are sure that we will never initiate a war. we are just too peace loving. 

as a result, respect for india has dimished. I doubt there is any other country which would compromise the safety of its people for temporary peace. 

our neighbours have also used force many times, even when there was a international call to stop. like sri lanka currently fighting the tamil rebels, they seem to be determined to take it to the end, even though there’s international pressure to stop. 

india messed up the few times it was engaged in war. instead of properly finishing what was started, we have many times finished in a sloppy way and lost land. 

war is sometimes an opportunity. its an opportunity to retake lost land. we have never done that. 

even after the mumbai attacks, our method of confronting pakistan has been silly/childish. our politicans won’t dare to even talk tough. let alone act.  for example, we stalled the peace talks. we didnt send our cricket team to pakistan, we stopped the india-pakistan bus service. 

with the elections coming up.. the media will stop covering the mumbai incident, it will slowly get off people’s minds, and life will return to normal. the “peace talks” will resume, and then there will be another attack… the cycle will keep repeating. 

as an example of how weak we are, read thru the following link (a new york times article) . it happened about 8 years ago.. you may have forgotten about it. but its worth a read. here it is.

there is probably no country in the world that is as racially diverse as the USA. so am going to focus this post on that country.

now we all know the melting pot that america is and how its setting an example to the world that race doesnt matter. i agree. but in all this hysteria and hype.. we are forgetting to think about the downside to these melting pot societies.

first of all,  i am not racist. am a realist. what the mainstream media has done is that it has pushed us into this corner and we’re expected to be politically correct. we are limited by political correctness. you  cant say what you should say to get people’s attention.

with more and more illegal immigrants crossing over to USA from mexico, there should now be made some space to accomadate the millions of mexican immigrants. in the before days, most of the blue collar jobs were filled by african americans and whites. most of the mexican immigrants are poor and un-educated, so they too end up working blue collar jobs. this may lead to resentment and anger because for the limited jobs available, you now need to compete with mexicans.

seondly, most of the illegal immigrants are poor, the govt has to spend for their food, shelter and medical treatment. since the number of illegal immigrants is rising, more money needs to spent. this puts pressure on an economy that is already being overburdened.

another problem would be political representation. every ethnic group would want somebody to represent them in politics. the african americans have obama. now every other ethnic group would want somebody of their race to represent them. take for eg,  indians would love bobby jindal to run for presidency. if there was a contest between hillary clinton and jindal, i would not be surprised if 90% of indian-americans voted for jindal. i am not saying that this is wrong. its only natural. every minority community would want someone to represent them. it gives them, what i would say, is a false sense of power and acceptance.

during election time, this would lead to attention being diverted away from real issues. no political party would want to lose out on the minority vote bank. so they will field minority candidates to get minority votes.

a similar thing would probably happen anywhere else, ie the entertainment industry, the corporate world, sports etc. the need for representation will cause problems. take for eg, a school. it will be expected to have a proper mix of asians, african americans, mexicans and whites. thats a difficult thing to do. its going to be even more difficult thing to do in a college. and if that doesnt happen, it will be viewed with negativity.

history has always shown us that diversity leads to problems. things are going reasonably good for now.  and a rosy picture is being projected about the “perfect union” that america is going to become.  the mainstream media however prefers to project only one side of the coin. whether history will be repeated remains to be seen.

there has been just too much of cricket nowadays. there is even a channel that shows cricket 24*7. we have been playing the same old sport since the past 50 years. the sport is run by corrupt people. it is almost impossible to get into the national team even if you’re good.

if we do not try to change the trend, it will remain like this forever. until the end of humanity, india will still be playing cricket. we need to take some tough steps. people have to wake up, its upto the indian people. isnt it such a shame that a country of 1 billion people only play cricket. i do not think there is any other country in the world that is so singularly focused on one sport.

indian players keep playing till they are old. they dont want to retire and let youngsters play. its a sad situation. when our team loses, we burn the coach’ effigy. things like these just spoil the image of india.

with the IPL and similar leagues starting soon.. its going to get to a point where the players just cant take it anymore. and whats up with importing american cheerleaders? wasnt it a family sport?. cricket is getting adulterated. the crowds at most cricket matches(esp those held in india) are just not ready to see scantily clad girls dance. the popular opinion is that all those girls are sluts. they ogle at them openly and pass lewd comments or make obscene gestures.  was the introduction of cheerleaders only way to move the game forward?. it was the wrong step.

all that is suitable for american sports and people but not here in india. in the USA, they are appreciated for their beauty and dancing skills. but here in india they were viewed merely as sex objects. what frustrates me is that even the newspapers and TV channels followed the cheapster way. photos were taken from angles so as to make them look cheap. like bottom up photos et al…

all this should further push away the educated and informed lot from cricket.