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anyone who follows the news must be aware of the coverage that obama’s inauguration is getting. it will be the most expensive inauguration ever. 160 million US dollars. given the current financial crisis, i do not think that spending such a huge sum is justified. what is supposed to be a simple swearing in ceremony, should not cost so much.

now is the time to save money and spend it wisely. the govt has to set an example to the american people. the same money can be used to for so many other pourposes. i just dont understand why celebrities like beyonce are being called to perform. this is not party time. getting the presidency is a huge responsibility, its not a prize. (quoting AB vajpayee).

obama, during campaigning, always spoke of the need to cut down on unnecessary expenditure. the time is right for him to implement what he said. he should seize the opportunity. the ceremony might be an american tradition. but it can be done in a simpler way. i think people are forgetting to see the big picture here. obama will be remembered more for his policies and the decisions he will make. the ceremony should not be an issue at all. there are bigger things that need attention.


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